Smile Design: Redesign Your Smile

Murat Balanlı, MD
27 December 2022

Your oral and dental health is of great importance for your aesthetic appearance and self-confidence as well as your general health integrity. If you are not satisfied with your smile, if you are worried about the appearance of your teeth while laughing and if you hide your teeth, you can consider having a smile makeover as a solution to all these problems. In this way, you can have the aesthetic smile and appearance you desire in a short time, and at the same time you can experience an increase in self-confidence.

What is a Smile Makeover?

Smile makeover is a process in which the undesired appearance is improved through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures. Personalised treatment plans include all health and aesthetic-oriented procedures. Anyone who wants to change their appearance or has problems with their teeth can consider having this treatment.

In this procedure;

  • Tooth decays are treated
  • Crooked teeth are aligned
  • Gaps between teeth are closed
  • Protrusions are reduced
  • Deformities in the gums are corrected
  • The length and shape of the teeth are changed
  • Prosthesis or implant is placed instead of missing teeth
  • Teeth whitening
  • Lip contours are shaped

or any combination of the above-mentioned can be planned.


What are the Procedures Applied in Smile Makeover?

In smile makeover, treatment is usually applied to the upper and lower eight or ten teeth. The most commonly used treatments include multiple porcelain veneers; because they are both conservative restorations and provide a highly aesthetic appearance. Porcelain crowns, bridges, implants, and even implant-supported dentures can also be part of smile design, depending on the individual's needs.

How Long Does the Smile Makeover Process Take?

The treatment period may take 2-15 days depending on the oral and dental structure and needs of the person.

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