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The Regenerative Medicine therapy help to eliminate the cause of disorders leading to a reduction in symptoms or a full recovery, depending on the initial condition, for (mostly) autoimmune disorders and/or diseases associated with tissue damage.

Open the doors to a longer and healthier life with your loved ones! Simplepath offers a comprehensive service that prioritizes the health of you and your family.

Our package includes simple examinations that affect your daily life and is supported by valuable consultations of our specialist doctors.

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Integrative Medicine Consultation

Your health is not limited to just physical symptoms; It is a whole with spiritual, emotional and social factors. An integrative medicine consultation evaluates you by addressing not only your symptoms, but also your lifestyle, emotional state, and overall quality of life. Integrative medicine consultation goes beyond the traditional medical approach.

Our experts listen to you, analyze your lifestyle, and use a series of integrity-focused tests and methods to assess your overall health. In addition to your physical health, your mental and emotional state is also taken into consideration.


Body Analysis

BHLC offers the best technology in an effective way for your solutions.Our Health Navigation system will be detecting and monitoring your minerals,heavy metals,vitamin and oxidative stress in just a few minutes.


Check Up & Blood Test

Blood is a mirror of your body. In addition to assessing your general health, blood tests also help us examine your vitamin and mineral levels, blood sugar levels and organ functions. In our laboratories equipped with the most up-to-date technology, your results are obtained reliably and quickly.


Nutritionist Evaluation

A healthy life is based on balanced and conscious nutrition. Nutritionist Evaluation is a starting point to create a personalized nutrition plan and improve your eating habits.

Each individual's nutritional needs are different. Our nutritionists provide a personalized nutrition plan that suits your lifestyle, health status, and goals.

Our nutritionists guide you through healthy eating habits and increase your awareness of the effects of nutrients on your body.


Welcome Package

You are special to us and we want to make you feel the importance we attach to their health from the first moment. When you come, you will meet not only a treatment, but a family. Here we start this special journey with the "Welcome Package".

Our welcome package includes organic and sustainable products and gifts you may need during your trip. Because your health is valuable to us. The Welcome Package is our way of expressing our love for connecting with you and being here for you.

We want to be with you at the beginning of your treatment and make you feel at home.

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